ESM2012 Meeting Report

ESM 2012 was once again a suburb meeting with both wonderful intellectual and social interaction. The 13th biennial conference was held in Aalborg Denmark, hosted by Uwe Kersting. Uwe did a wonderful job organizing the conference, which is sure to be remembered for years to come!

As usual the conference began with workshops held at Aalborg University, Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI). Those who participated in the lab tours received a wonderful insight into the very exciting research being performed there. Tour attendees also received a revealing display of Patrick McLaughlin, as he so kindly volunteered to be a research subject!   novel displayed many new features and advances in our software and hardware, which also became a contest to see who could remember how many things were presented. Some of these new items include a two emed platform setup, our new Elastisens (elastic) pliance sensor mats, a 3D prototype sensor and the new pliance desktop system.

The first day concluded with a beautiful tour at the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art. Everyone enjoyed the artwork, but the timed water fountain exhibit outside was the favorite of the attendees!

The scientific sessions for ESM were held at the architecturally astounding Utzon Center, right on the Limfjord fjord. The day was well rounded with two keynotes, a variety of platform presentations and a first ever thematic style poster session.
The second day concluded with dinner on the Prinses Juliana in Aalborg harbor. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful variety of foods and acoustic music out on the deck.

The third day was the infamous Networking Day, which took place in Rebild and Kunsthal Nord & Nordkraft. In the morning everyone had the opportunity to hike, bike, or go on a scavenger hunt through the rolling hills of northern Denmark. After the sports activities ended the entire group hiked to a location for lunch in the woods and had the opportunity to learn about the history of the region, which throughout history has included many bandits and robbers. There was axe throwing (which was very popular!), knife throwing (which is much harder than it looks!), archery, and of course a big bonfire. After returning from the Rebild we enjoyed dinner and an exhibition at Nordkraft.

The final scientific day continued the great presentations including two more keynotes, additional podium presentations and another thematic poster session. The scientific day ended with proposals from new investigators for the brand new Most Promising Proposal (MPP) award. Each person received just three minutes for a presentation on a research proposal containing load distribution measurement. A group of scientific leaders reviewed the presentations and a one page proposal and chose the winner.

The day, and conference, concluded with the reception at the Utzon Center. As in Providence in 2010, Henriette Gärtner presented us with two beautiful concert piano pieces, F. Chopin, Polonaise op.40 No.1 and W. A. Mozart / F. Chopin, Variationen op.2. After dinner we were entertained by Henriette Kastrup Quintet.

The awards were presented and included winners Karsten Engel and Roelof Waaijman, joint winners of the art in science award; Roshna Wunderlich, best poster award; Sicco Bus, best presentation award; and Sabata Gervasio, MPP award.

ESM 2012 was again a great success and we thank all of those who spent so much time organizing the wonderful event! We hope to see everyone again in two years – where we will be is yet to be decided – but stay tuned for further information!

By Maria Pasquale,
novel electronics inc.

Created on Friday, 14 September 2012 18:22