Instructions for presentations

Oral presentations
Oral presentations will be arranged in sessions of maximal 6 presentations. There will be 8 minutes allocated for each presentation, followed by 2 minutes for questions.
Please note that the 8-minute time allocation per presentation will be strictly adhered to. The chairs for each session will be asked to stop any presentation that runs over this time allocation.
Please prepare a presentation that fits within this timeframe. It is recommended to prepare no more than 8 slides to focus on the key issues related to your research.
The conference has been planned with the specific intention to provide many opportunities to further discuss your research with interested colleagues during the breaks and social events. Please use this time to follow up on any specific details related to your work.

Poster Presentations
This year, for the first time during ESM we offer a thematic posters session. All poster presenters are asked to prepare a 2-minute PowerPoint presentation.
The presentation can include maximum 2 slides to convey the core idea and possibly the main result of your study. It is not expected that you present any details or a large amount of information. It is rather expected that you convince the listeners to come to your poster, where you then have time to provide them with all the details and nuances of your work and, of course, discuss your findings.
The time for the PowerPoint presentation is limited to 2 min (signal after 1:45).
Posters are to be hung up prior to the keynote lecture (8:45 on Thursday, August 2nd); pins for fixation will be provided.

Speaker preparation room
A speaker-ready room will be available to upload your presentation to the Presentation computer. All presentations must be loaded onto this system to ensure rapid change over between presentations. Make sure that you embed any video files into your presentation. The room will be signposted in the conference center.
Speakers will have the opportunity to check their presentations on the computer in the speaker preparation room. It is strongly recommended that you don’t use you own computer.

Presentation format: PC format Office version 2010 is supported.

Created on Sunday, 22 July 2012 17:21