Networking Day, Friday, August 3rd 2012

This year´s ESM Networking Day will take place in the Rebild Bakker. Transportation from the hotel Radisson Blu Aalborg to Rebild will be provided by bus.

We have organized several tour options at Rebild Bakker which is a central part of Rold Skov, the largest connected forest area in Denmark. Forest mixes with heathlands here in Himmerland which technically is a peninsula enclosed by the Limfjord and Mariagerfjord, and the Kattegat in the east, a part of the Baltic Sea. It was originally formed from glacial soils which were invaded by the sea after the glaciers withdrew further north at the end of the ice age. The landscape is now a mix of gentle valleys and rolling hills in the west changing to surprisingly steep flanks of v-shaped gorge-like valleys in the east (sounds almost like a description of the Grand Canyon, it is a bit smaller though). Rebild is located where these two landscapes meet and offers a variety of leisure activities including biking, walking and running which all are popular activities for this area.

The forest and the landscape were naturally suited for outlaws and folk who preferred to hide away, making their living from rather dubious forms of occupation. The activities of these rogues inspired some Danish writers and more so vernacular storytellers. We will learn about this part of Danish history at lunch and in the afternoon.
In the morning, we offer exploring the area in several groups with a choice for intensity levels of your preference. There are 4 different options for you to be managed on foot:

  • relaxing walk through the area, passing several scenic and characteristic landmarks of the region;
  • a little more sporty tour through the area around a central check point where you receive instructions and tasks to explore historical sites in the forest;
  • GPS guided orienteering run, for those who want to get some decent exercise but still find breaks to appreciate the scenery. You may find either the shortest route or gain by doing it faster;
  • Rebild Big5, a classical orienteering run including high level activity. It will lead you to the five highest points within the Rebild Bakker area. You should clip your tour map at the marked posts – the fastest group will win.

As the Danish summer bears the possibility of experiencing some rain, you should bring clothes allowing for a day-hike in potentially wet and sometimes cool environment. However, we have nice days of up to 30 degrees centigrade as well. The only issue: we can’t predict it so please be prepared for something in between these two endpoints of the climatic spectrum.

Denmark and especially the Rold Skov area are known for good mountain biking. If you prefer to explore this forest by bike we offer two options. Both are guided tours and will bring you along the spectacular sites on your bike:

  • The technical tour on single tracks and challenging passages, potentially including some hard work
  • The more comfortable version on gravel roads and gentle forest tracks. Still, some climbing will be required.

Unfortunately, the cost for renting the bikes is not included in the conference fee. The price of renting a bike for the day will be 25 Euro.

After the activities, all groups will meet. Under the large trees in the forest, our robber camp opens its doors for a day filled with fun, challenges and experiences. Enjoy a unique atmosphere at the big bonfire and join in the treasure hunt, ax throwing, lumber jack activities, archery and knife throwing. Or make your own bread on a stick over the camp fire’s licking flames. Robbers roam all day and help to blacken the kids and get into the mood of ancient Danish times. Songs will be performed, entertainment and stories about the spunky rogue from Rold who once roamed the area. We will have a large, rustic buffet with everything a true predator desires. Late Afternoon we will return to Aalborg (bus transportation to Radisson Blu hotel Aalborg).
The evening event will include dinner in the Azzurra Restaurant at Nordkraft Aalborg and an art exhibition in the same location.

Created on Friday, 27 July 2012 11:42